Champ Camp

Champ Camp has come to an abrupt and emotional end, and I am excited to share some of the highlights with you from what could possibly my favorite year yet.  This is my fourth year being a part of Champ Camp, which pairs children from a Child Crisis Center with mentors that are recruited within the church for a week of camp.  This year we moved to a new camp that we absolutely loved called Camp Wamatochick that shares our heart for children in the foster care system. 

We had a total of 15 campers (8 boys, 7 girls) and I had an amazing group of mentors this year!

Messy and delicious, this is our assembly line for creating s'mores

That night we painted pots as a craft, had a campfire complete with s’mores and played capture the flag.

The next day was Lake Day!  We are so blessed to have a partnership with CTM Kayak Ministries who came up to teach us how to kayak safely, and allowed us to commandeer their boats for the day.  The two most favorite things about lake day each year are kayaking and crawdad fishing.  The kids will spend hours catching crawdads off the dock and it never gets old watching their excitement.

The relationships we build are the reason camp is worth the sacrifices mentors make

We were so exhausted that night that we put a movie on the big screen and spent a quiet evening indoors.

On Thursday, we were able to have four puppies and a mini horse join us at the camp so the kids could learn how to care for and train the animals.  The kids loved the activities and were sad to see the animals go at lunchtime. 

After lunch we headed over to the ropes course for some team building stuff, which somehow became a competition between the boys and girls… for the record, the girls won.
This little gal definitely was a happy camper all week

Friday was a sad day for each of the campers and mentors.  To go along with our superhero theme each mentor said a couple of superhero qualities that they saw in their camper over the week.  After cleaning and having one last meal together we said our tearful goodbyes and sent our campers back to their homes in Mesa and Phoenix. 
On the last day mentors and campers wrote letters to each other

I can’t identify why this is my favorite year, but I think its because this time around there were some campers that chose to let me into their lives in a deeper way than other years, and earned themselves a special place in my heart.  I cherish the moments of telling stories, playing dress up in cat leggings, having my nails painted and getting “boyfriend” advice on how I should deal with Adam from these precious little ladies.  I hope I will be able to see them all again soon.


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