Good Afternoon!

Time seems to pass so much more quickly for me now than it used to, and I cannot believe that we are already welcoming Fall.  I have been meaning to give a little update on the Indonesia team, so thank you for your patience.  First off, thank you so much for praying diligently for our team and for those that would be receiving them in Indonesia.  It had been so great to hear from them, and I'd love to share some highlights from their trip.

Before the team left, one of the parts of their trip that was the most intimidating was the night that they would spend in the villages with the missionary families, but this turned out to be a highlight for many of the people I've talked to.  Nancy shared that they had the opportunity to spend a time in worship with the women in the village and hear them praise God for what He has done in their lives while the men were out hunting.  It was a very powerful time.
Gifts for everyone!!  

 The theme of our retreat was Flourish.  Robyn and Joyce helped to lead the sessions, and Robyn took time to meet with people one-on-one if they needed  that time.

Another special moment that happened during the retreat, actually comes straight from those of you who supported missionaries and put together gifts for them.  We sent a survey out before the retreat asking some of the women what their favorite treats are, what they miss from home, etc.  We heard back from most, but not all.  As they were opening their gifts, one of the women that had not sent a response to the survey was surprised and blessed to see a box of her favorite cookies!  There was no way for anyone to know that this was something she loved and missed, and yet God made sure she had them anyway.

One of the things that the women wanted to learn was wound care, so Nancy brought a prosthetic foot with her, so show them how to care for small injuries.

Mikela was able to give hair cuts to the ladies.  It is difficult to find hair stylists in Indonesia that know how to work on different kinds of hair.

TinaMarie spent many hours in pedicure position.  What a servant!

We have heard amazing things, both from the Heights team, and the missionaries about how the retreat went.  This is truly something we would not have been able to do without our amazing church body, so thank you guys!


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