November Dominican Republic Team

Hello All!

The Dominican Republic Team has arrived safely at their destination.  Yesterday they were able to attend church with the students of the school for the deaf, and then see the new school campus that is being built.  It is very exciting to see progress!  They also had some time to prepare for their time with the students today, so be praying for them as they get acquainted with the students and their classrooms.    I know the team is excited to update you themselves, so keep checking back to see how they are doing.

Some things you can be praying for:
-Health and energy for the team as they just had a long night of traveling
-Connections with the students and relationships being built
-Pray that the teacher training goes well, and God uses Randy Murphy to encourage them
-For classes to go well, and the team to be effective in their ministry.

Thank you for joining the team in prayer!


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