3/11/16 DR Update

It’s never easy to say goodbye. Today we spent the last day with the students at the park. Unlike the rest of the week, there was no structure or lesson plan for the day. This was simply the time we had to just spend time and have fun with them. Some of us played baseball, others had competitions on the monkey bars. Some of us pushed the little kids on the swings and even pushed some of the not so little kids and watched the excitement on their faces as they swung ever higher. This was a day for us to just be with them. 
But even on the nicest day the sun must eventually set and we had to say our goodbyes. At the end of the day we gathered all the students together one last time for one group photo and then we had to say our final farewells. There were hugs exchanged and tears were cried by both the students and us. All of us left with a feeling of longing to spend only a little more time with them.
At the end of the day we all gathered around and exchanged stories about things we saw and experienced over the past week. We laughed and recalled warm and humorous stories as well as being brought to tears. The stories we share about how God worked over the past week are not only about the students but the teachers as well. The struggle that they are all going through is beyond what even we can truly understand. We are moved by their struggles and dedication and they have no idea that while we are here to help inspire and encourage them that it is us who are inspired and encouraged. To see how God has moved in the lives of these kids and not only seeing the change over the past week but the change over the years is truly a sight to behold. God truly is good and all powerful. He has moved in the lives of these people in ways that we could have never imagined or even thought possible. To see how on fire some of these kids are for the lord despite the struggles that they face is both inspiring and humbling.
None of us will ever forget the time we spent here or the people whose lives we have touched and have touched us in return. As we get ready to depart tomorrow we long for the day that we can return.


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