DR Team Update - Monday 3/7/2016

Good Evening Friends and Family! 

We are so excited about today! Partly because that it was the first day and we got to see everybody. We’ve missed them all very much! 

Yesterday we attended the deaf's Sunday service at the deaf school. We met with the teachers and figured out a plan that went very well for today’s activities. We were able to meet with the principle, Palina, and discuss how we could most effectively communicate God’s word and teach the kids the vocations for the the afternoon. 

The main topic of the week that we are discussing with the kids is Purpose. Our hope is that they see the heart in our mission— to show that they are more than what their friends, peers, family, and others say about them. They CAN rise above life’s hardships, but they need to find their strength, hope, and rest in Jesus who loves them more than they could ever imagine. 

Jessica is in charge of the video sessions, which are a set of short sermons that Discover what their purpose is, Explore different things that they never thought were possible through Christ, Learn about those things that they explored, Implement those purposes (making it happen with God’s help). Ryan discusses purpose with the kids, Katie and I (Michael…in case you are wondering who’s writing this) are doing worship with the kids, and Nic and Kalani are teaching “team-building” which uses various activities that demonstrates the importance of supporting each other in their community. 

The classes overall went smooth with the kids generally grasping what we were all attempting to convey. We were able to have several great conversations with some of the kids individually about their faith. Although life has its hard times, they are continuing to lean on God and His promises. It is powerful to see their strength. They are so amazing and a joy to “talk” (sign) with. Our signing was a little rough today, but we are learning new words and remembering old ones quickly. Kalani is learning sign very quickly and is enjoying being able to converse with the kids. It is so great catching up with the kids and see how they have been for the last year (some of us shorter, some longer). 

Many of the students are struggling with their faith; and, sadly, some of the kids have stopped attending the school and some of them are here just because we are. They have so much going against them—their parents’ negative attitude towards them, abuse, the fact that they are seen as “a waste of resources”, many have faced VERY difficult situations, and there is a general dislike among the community. 

We are all so blessed to be here. God is good and His Spirit is moving. We are always learning that we need to give Him “space” to move and not think that He can only work with the plans we made. We are praying that we can be as flexible as we need to be. 

Please be praying for: 
-God to move powerfully in the kids’ lives
-that the teachers will feel our support (every day we are having the kids make teacher appreciation gifts for them and we are also praying over them at the end of each day) 
-for one of the student’s step-dad, who works at the school. He was attacked and beaten last week and had his wallet stolen. 
-another student’s family had their house blown apart in a storm. Unfortunately he wasn’t at the school today. 
-that the student’s understand and pursue their purpose and learn to lean on God. 
-that they pursue God with everything they have. 

In Christ,



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