DR Update - 3/10/2016

March 10, 2016

If I were to pick my favorite day of our trip so far, it would be today. 
I came to the Dominican Republic not knowing almost any sign language, which I thought would ruin my whole trip. Trying to communicate with people who cannot understand what you are saying is a huge barrier, but on our plane ride, I prayed and asked God to help me in any way possible, and he definitely did. I came to the school our first day barely knowing a handful of signs (which still amazes me). Each day the kids have patience with me while trying to communicate what I, or they, need. The biggest part of this trip for me has been the relationships I’ve made with the kids, and it has only been possible by God showing me and helping me learn sign language. Today, I rarely had trouble “talking” with the kids and I could hold actual conversations. I am constantly learning more about their lives and individual personalities, which is why today has been the best day! I got to talk to almost all of the students we get to teach, and I absolutely love each and every one. From making secret handshakes to helping them glue their art projects together, I have gotten to see who these students are and what kind of love God has called me to give them. These friendships will last a lifetime, whether I get to come back or not.
I ask that anyone reading this blog please take a minute to pray for these kids, even if you haven’t met them, they all need God’s protection and extra encouragement to get through everyday. 

Thank you all for your love and support (for our team and the school),


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