March 9 Dominican Team Update

Today began with the delicious smell of a homemade breakfast accompanied by traditional Dominican coffee and juice.  After breakfast we prepared to depart the mission house and head to the deaf school.  But before heading to the deaf school we stopped at the new school that the government has been building for the past three years.  Seeing the progress at the new school was extremely encouraging.  The new school will have the ability to accommodate a larger capacity of students, which will include deaf children along with special needs kids.  After visiting the new school, we continued on our daily journey to the deaf school.  Following the arrival at the school we unloaded our supplies and headed to our classrooms.  

In the morning we split into our different groups: sermon, discussion, worship, and team building.  
Sermon: Continued the lessons on discovering God's purpose for our lives.  Today they specifically focused on how God needs to be first in our lives and  plans. 
Discussion: They discussed the topics of forgiveness and how to forgive others.  
Worship: Taught the children “Open the eyes of my heart” and “This little light of mine.” The kids also taught a few songs to Katie and Michael. They also taught them different beats. 
Team building: Played two different games, one of the games used a ball of yarn to demonstrate that we are all connected through God.  The other game included pool noodles, blindfolds and clothespins, which sounds like a mess, but it got them involved. 

After the morning activities and lunch the team broke into their separate vocation groups. 
Science: Painted and colored their volcanos and also made lava lamps.
Acting: Practiced their plays for Thursday and played theater games.
Jewelry: Made beautiful necklaces and bracelets using fishing line and small glass beads.
Art: They learned about the famous artist Van Gough and replicated his artwork with construction paper. 
All of the students were very proud of their art, jewelry, and volcanos; the students also loved the theater games.

After vocation the team sat with the teachers and discussed what the Heights Church Outreach team can do in the future.  After talking with the teachers the team circled around them and prayed over them.  Then we said goodbye, gathered our belongings and headed home.  Overall today was a great day filled with highs and lows but we are excited to see what tomorrow holds as it the last day that we will be at the school before spending Friday at the park.  

Prayer Requests:
Protection for the team
That the sick teachers would be healed
That the students would come to know Jesus
For a lot of parents to show up to the open house at the school
For good weather tomorrow
Wisdom and guidance in all things we do

This is Bryan and we have amazing things to tell you about him.  


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