Our beloved Lyle and Lorri arrived safely in Joao Pessoa, Brazil last week and we have loved getting little updates from them on Facebook.  Their trip purpose was to visit Barbara Burns, our long time partner in Brazil, and help her make progress on her new home that she is building on the school campus where she teaches.  Juvep Missao is a post-graduate training school for missionaries traveling to Portuguese speaking nations, and Barbara, who has been a missionary to Brazil for over 45 years, is part of their leadership and staff.  
Above is a picture of Barbara's new home!  Lyle has been working on various handy-man projects while Lorri and Barbara pick out cabinets, lights and fans!

Lyle and Barbara picking paint for the house!

Please be praying for Lyle, Lorri and Barbara during their time together.  We are so grateful that this trip came at a time that Barbara has a little time off and they can work together to get a lot done.  Pray for continued health, safely, and for a blessing on their time together.  Pray that Lyle and Lorri would be a blessing and encouragement to Barbara, and that they would also be blessed by their time at Juvep.


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