Updates from KENYA!

Pastor Mike Gaston and Dan Stoddard are in Masailand, Kenya! Enjoy these updates from these past few days and please continue praying for their ministry!

Monday's Update -

Thanks for all of the prayers for today! We certainly needed them. It rained all night last night, and on a metal roof over our heads, so sleep was a bit of a challenge. We were greeted by a Mongoose scampering across our porch, so we new everything would be ok! The rain caused serious travel concerns for all of the people coming to the training. We started a few hours late but we are so excited that all 12 made it and day one was a great success! Tomorrow will be a more challenging day. It's a longer day of training and the material is sometimes hard for them to grasp. Please keep the prayers coming! We look forward to God showing up in a big way tomorrow.

Sunday's Update -

Praise God for a great Sunday in Masailand! Thank you all for your prayers. We preached in two different churches today. Mike did a 20 minute abbreviated Gideon message in Daniel's church, then we rushed to another town where they had been having a conference all week. I preached a standard African 50 minute sermon (although I didn't yell nearly enough) on Mark 14, then Mike taught a shortened resurrection morning message. Yes the worship time was awesome and African style, yes Mike and I might have danced a bit, no there are no pictures or video!! Tomorrow we start the first day of classes with the pastors. Please pray for their travels and that all of them are able to attend. Thanks!

Saturday's Update -

Praise God for a great full day in Kenya! We had a good breakfast with Daniel. We were able to discuss some details of the upcoming week, as well as some ideas about the July team visit. We drove to Kajiado to exchange money and buy some Safaricom phone airtime. Then it was off to the interior (the Bush) to visit the Women's Conference. I believe I lost 3 fillings and permanently damaged my tailbone, but it was worth it! A beautiful little church up on a hill with amazing views of Masailand. I'd say maybe 70 beautifully dressed Masai women packed into the little church building. Mike gave an awesome message on Mary and Martha. We worshiped a bit and prayed with them, had a great lunch of boiled goat meat and rice, and headed further into the bush to Marba, the hometown of Daniel and Jemimah. We had a good visit there and returning to the Eco Lodge we were able to see the very top of Kilamanjaro! Tomorrow I am preaching at Daniel's church, and possibly at another gathering at a church in Kajiado. That's all for tonight. We sooooo appreciate your prayers! Asante sana!

Friday's Update -

Jambo from Kenya!
Hopefully this venue works for on-the-fly updates for you guys from Masailand? It's 1:25am and we just got settled in the guest house. Great flights over with no issues! Daniel Osoi picked us up at the Nairobi airport. I want to make it very clear that Mike DID NOT call shotgun, and yet he just jumped right in the passenger seat anyway! I called foul and stated that it was OK, because when the Zebra came through the windshield he would absorb the impact. We all had a laugh. 45 minutes later Daniel had to slam on his breaks and swerve to miss a Zebra that ran in front of us!! We'll see who gets shotgun tomorrow. Anyway, there's a small women's conference in a remote bush town we are going to tomorrow. Mike will bring a message to the ladies then, and I will preach in church on Sunday. Please be praying for God's message to be spoken through each of us. Also be praying as tomorrow and Sunday we will be discussing the team project for July. Ok, I'm off to get 3 or 4 hours of sleep! Kwaheri, Dan


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