Czech Republic team is Home!

We are home! I am glad to say that we are all home safely (minus Remi who stayed two extra weeks to assist another english camp!). God worked in powerful ways in our short two weeks in the Czech Republic. Reflecting back has been a crazy time of realizing how much God did, not only within the people of the Czech Republic, but also in the lives of our team members. Lives were changed in ways that I can’t fully explain. Students opened up in ways that may have other wise taken months or years. It was incredible to see the energy and excitement they had for Christianity and learning more about God. I was amazed at some of the straight forward talks we were able to have with students. Several came to know God as their personal savior! We were definitely on a spiritual high and it was hard to come back to normalcy. We’ve been back a little over a week and readjusting has been difficult. It’s hard to apply the new things that we have experienced to everyday life, but slowly we are figuring it out. Things are not finished in the Czech Republic! God is continuing His work through the local churches. English camp was just a stepping stone to bigger and better things! Please continue to pray for the Czech Republic. Please pray for those who asked Jesus to come into their lives that they would grow in truth and that they would be surrounded by Godly examples that will mentor them and grow them and challenge them! Also, please be praying for those who are still wrestling with this invitation to follow Christ. Please pray for the Czech leaders that will continue this journey with the students the rest of the year. And please pray for the nation as a whole that they would turn towards Jesus. We are so excited to be partners in growing relationships in the Czech Republic that honor and reflect Jesus! I can’t wait to watch these relationships grow in God!
With Love, 
Nikki Conrad and the Czech Team 


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