Czech Team Update 07.03.16

Today was our first full day of English Camp! I can already see how God is working and softening the hearts of the students and it is amazing! This is the first camp that has ever been held in Trutnov.  There are multiple English camps happening around the Czech Republic this week, but God wanted us at this specific camp on this specific week for a reason.  Within this camp there are five English classes ranging from beginner to advanced. I was blessed with the opportunity to teach the advanced english to a class of seven students, two assistants, and one translator. The first day of class is generally rocky and in many occasions needs many changes.  However, my class blew me away with how much English they were able to comprehend and speak. We had many conversations about various topics concerning the lesson, but this was an encouraging start to them being able to open up to talk about deeper things.  In the Czech culture, they do not jump into trust or friendships very easily.  It may take several months or even years to build up the amount of trust that they desire to call you friend.  Considering this, it is hard to have deep conversations on the first day or maybe even at all during the week.  Some relationships will need to be built upon throughout the year and maybe even next year at camp. When I asked my students at the end of the day what their favorite part was they all said English class! That was extremely encouraging to me! Throughout the day we jam pack activities so that no one is bored EVER!  Each night after sports and dinner we have an evening program where we learn a special camp dance, sing songs (with fun dances, of course!), and someone gives a small devotion.  Then we break back into our English classes for a small group setting.  Again, it is hard the first couple of nights to break through the shell of a Czech student, but slowly building trust is the key. I see the students already beginning to process internally what they are hearing and that is so exciting!  We will continue to keep you updated throughout the week! 

Please pray for energy for all of the leaders at the camp!  Tomorrow we will hike 12 miles, which is normal for a Czech student, but not for us! 
Thank you for your prayers!
Nikki Conrad  


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