Czech Team Update 7.9.16

Hello all!! I am so excited to share with you what has been happening from my perspective this week. Today was our last full day of English Camp here in Trutnov. As we come to a close I am in awe of the way God has worked in these students hearts, as well as the camp leaders and helpers. I walk through the halls and rooms of this beautiful hotel, and I can’t help but smile at the way we have all become so close. The shared joy and laughter is breathtaking, and makes it impossible to be bored at any given moment. To see the change from the beginning of the week to now is amazing. I have watched students go from being closed off and quiet, to sharing deep, sometimes heart breaking stories and opening up to our class. It has been so fun to watch them go from barely participating in camp songs, and being embarrassed to be involved, to asking us to do it one more time, and being more excited about camp songs and ice breakers than me. Last night we did what is called a “Labyrinth”. Some of the interns set up different stations throughout the hotel which allowed time for students to ponder and reflect on all the things we have discussed over the last week. These stations had stories, bible verses, and thought provoking quotes which all related to this weeks theme “Did You Get My Message?” 
It was amazing to see the way it affected the students and leaders as they walked through and really thought about the message we have been sharing over the last week. That message is the story of Jesus and all that he sacrificed for us on the cross. I have watched God soften hearts all around me, and am so excited for the work He has yet to do in their lives. 

Pray that God would continue to convict and call on these students hearts. That as they go home tomorrow they would not forget all of the things learned and discussed. But rather they would not be able to stop thinking about it. That they would find a youth group or a church where they can get involved and continue to discover the love of Christ. Pray that they would find our God can heal their broken hearts and lives, and satisfy their deepest hungers. Thank you for the support you have given our team as we step out in faith to proclaim the gospel of Christ. You are much appreciated and needed as we walk out this calling to spend time in the Czech Republic. God is present and active here, working in the lives of everyone involved. 

Much love,
Rachel Eddolls


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