a recap of Kenya...

It is hard to put into words to describe our time in Kenya and how it touched all of our hearts. Africa and all of its people spoke to our souls and we saw God move in so many ways during our time there. We prayed with people as they accepted Jesus, we worshipped while dancing and singing so loud, we made incredible new friends, and we were all touched by hundreds of joyful smiles from children who were all around us. We quickly felt so welcomed by the people as part of their family and learned so much from their culture that we will all never forget.
We had such a strong team and I am so thankful for that! There were 6 of us, and we all so quickly felt like a family and built each other up in the best ways. We spent so much time in prayer in worship, which had such a huge impact on our team.
Dan Stoddard was the leader of the team, and during our time there, he trained a group of pastors to study and understand scripture in context. So while he was with the pastors during the day, the rest of the team would go way out in the tribal Masai area, and go hut to hut and share the gospel. It looked like we just walked into the Lion King movie, and trust me, we sang the songs to make it feel really like the movie! The Masai people are very tribal in their traditions and ways and live in very rural areas. There is a new church that is being planted in that rural area that we were in everyday, so we were spreading the word about the church, inviting people and sharing the gospel. We would go into homes and meet the people, get to know them, share stories from the bible, share testimonies, and pray for them. Three women that we met during our ministry wanted to accept Jesus and we knew that the heavens were celebrating. It was so incredible to watch their whole demeanor change from when we first met them, to the way their eyes lit up after they prayed to accept Jesus. 
As a part of our daily ministry, we also went to a few primary schools that were in the same area, and put on programs for the kids. We taught, sang, danced, and experienced so many giggles from curious children. I would call them over and let them touch my hair, and within seconds, I had so many kids laughing as they hesitantly touched my blonde hair and white skin.
We took a day off from ministry and went to an animal preserve to explore and find African animals. And oh did we find them! We saw countless zebras, elephants, wildebeests, hippos, and we were lucky enough to drive RIGHT up to 3 cheetahs that just had caught dinner.
On one of our last days, we invited a few churches to bring their Sunday school kids to a program we were putting on. We started with 50 kids, and it quickly grew to a crowd of 250 joyful and excited children. But we were ready! We had Caleb sing and play the guitar and teach them so many fun songs, we had skits, teachings, and lots of games, and lots of fun was had!
I am forever changed by the joy of the people. Despite the little that they have, they have a joy that I have only experienced in Africa. They worship the Lord without resistance and they joy that and give, I will carry with me always.
May we never forget the ways the Lord spoke to each one of us. May we never forget the eyes of the people we met and prayed for, and the land that we were lucky enough to walk on. We all are praising the Lord that he called us and took us to the nations to share His goodness. All of our hearts are in the shape of Africa and we will keep every moment in our hearts.


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