Czech Team Update #2 - June 29, 2017

Greetings from the Czech Republic!

After the 32 hours of travel from Heights' parking lot to Cesky Sternberk, the concensus among the team was just how little sleep we had suffered... but not to worry, overall the experience was smooth and fun. Our team of 15 are truly all becoming fast friends! We felt like God carried us across the ocean in his own hands. It was the smoothest, fastest flight I had ever experienced. We arrived to London an hour early! No missed flights, no missing persons, no sickness... Praise HIM. The 2 bus rides, 2 layovers and 3 flights brought us to one of the most enchanting locations. 

Our hotel for training sits in a green, forested valley... a small train squeaks by, along the river to let tourists off at the 800 year old Sternberk Castle up on the hill opposite us. I stare out my hotel window and expect to see Cinderella's coach cross the castle bridge and imagine Prince Charming waiting for her at the ball. B_E_A_U_T_I_F_U_L!!! The team got to explore the site during free time... 

The beauty and history of this place turns our eyes to the Lord... HE has created this land, HE loved these people since before this castle was built! In fact, historically, the gospel itself was in this country BEFORE this castle... 2 Thessalonian brothers came to this land with the good news in the 800s! Martin Luther's Reformation was sparked by the life and sacrifice of Jan Hus from this country, who also inspired the official Czech country motto "Truth Prevails." Yes, it does! Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life!

And so here we are preparing to be part of this modern movement of God here... through English Camp! We are here with 4 other teams from around the States; I wish you could have heard the room full of worshippers singing at their finest to our God who brings salvation. HE IS WORTHY to be loved, to be served, to be shared. The hills are alive with the sound of WORSHIP here this week before we head out to different camps around the Czech Republic.

Wednesday, our Czech team leaders arrived! JD and Adela have done an awesome job organizing camp on this side of the world... we cannot wait to see the fruit of their labors. 25 Czech students will be at camp, along with 10 Czech youth leaders, 15 of us from Heights, JV missionaries Jenny and Landen Llamas and JV intern Jack... 53 in total at camp next week. As we finish up preparations (learning a camp dance, camp songs, camp rules and responsibilities, English lessons, discussion group tips, etc), we are also overcoming jet lag. We are all so thankful to be able to rest before the work begins! We leave tomorrow (Friday) to head to the "cabin" and set up camp in Cerny Dul. The students will arrive on Saturday.

Our hearts and prayers have also been focused back home with the Goodwin fire threatening so many people, including our own Cosette who lives in Humboldt. We know our God is over it all and pray for His hand to protect and comfort... We will not let this distract us from the work at hand! We appreciate your prayers over us here as we pray for you there too. 

With much love and anticipation,



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