Czech Republic Update # 4 - July 6, 2017

Greetings from the Czech Republic! It has been a crazy, hectic week here at the Trutnov English camp. Yesterday was the Fourth of July, so we turned the camp America CRAZY. We had a workshop on Native American culture, and a massive dance party, complete with western line dancing, sparklers and root beer floats. Today is the 4th day of camp. It's unique because it's the day the Gospel is presented. At evening program, we heard the story of Jesus's death for us on the cross. Then we had a special activity called the Labyrinth. Each student walks through a series of 4 stations that show how we are valued and loved by God, how our sin means He can't be around us, how Jesus's sacrifice washes our sins away, and how God wants a relationship with us. Then the students are free to go to a prayer room, a conversation/tea room, or a bonfire outside. Everything we do at camp, every high energy activity, song, and English lesson builds to this moment. The Holy Spirit was moving powerfully here. For some campers it was their one year anniversary of new life. For others, it was the first time they felt God knocking on the doors of their hearts. God moved powerfully, and was able to use members of the missions team to accomplish His will here. Hearts are turning to Him, and eyes are being opened to the truth. Thanks for your prayers and support. You're a huge part of what God is doing here. Please keep praying for us, that's how spiritual battles are truly won.

With love,

Samantha on behalf of the team

See a few photos below from Anna, Rilyn and Rachel :)


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