Hello from Cesky Sternberk,

This is Jake McIntire here to give a quick update for the team in the Czech Republic. We have a quick 30 minute break in-between trainings. The group traveled extremely well as it took us about 24 hours from the time we left Heights Church to the time we arrived at the Park Hotel here at the foot of the Cesky Sternberk (pronounced Chesky Sternberg). We got in at 10pm local time and went straight to bed. Day 1 of training was packed in with only a few breaks. We learned bout Czech culture, history, teaching english, camp dances and songs, and we finally met the local youth group representatives we've been emailing back and fourth to for the last few months. Today was more of the same as far as training goes. We are going to have one time prep meeting tonight, and we will make a 6 hour journey to the camp first thing tomorrow. We will be taking a handful of trains, subways, and busses so prayers will always be appreciated! Currently Jonathan Gibson is on the stairs of the hotel leading what sounds like 15 strangers from Oregon, Arkansas, and the Czech in some afternoon sing-alongs. All (but me, sadly) are in good health and spirits are high. God is present here, and I think this is going to be a great camp! My hope is to update you all with pictures and stories once we get to our camp tomorrow. We should be there at about 6 am Prescott time!

Until then!


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