Hello from Vyoske nad Jizerou! It's Jake again. I am happy to report that the whole team is in good health, and that the english camp has started. I think we are all really excited to actually do what we have been training to do. We worked so hard to prepare the classes for the students and it is very fulfilling to put the plan into action. On the first day of camp we met all of the campers and I was able to talk to each one to figure out who best they would fit with. There are 34 students of all skill levels, and they were broken down into 5 classes. We taught them the camp dance, some camp songs, and Landen and Jenny Lamas (the missionaries we support) gave a talk about the David and how he became  the King of Israel. It is currently 6pm on day 2 and the english classes officially started today. Each student was asked what the most exciting part of the week ahead was, and the common answer was to speak english with Americans. They desperately want to practice, and we are happy to oblige. Afternoon games and dinner are yet to come, and after Brian continues the story of David, we are going to play some human foosball. The local youth group from Trutnov has been great. Their church is small (about 70 people) but they are passionate about teaching God's word. They are an immersive group of believers! Their version of a young adult ministry is the ones responsible for this entire week. I'm very excited to see how God speaks through this camp during the week. I have already in my 24 hours here had a really deep conversation about science and religion, and I'm positive there is many more to come. Please send prayers and love our way!!!

Til next time...
 The team as we left training with two Czech local team members Adela and Kuba
Waiting for a bus

 Sergeant Kyle during "Mad Cow"
Kyle and Jake teaching navigation. In the picture Landen is attempting to lead a "blind" Daniel(AKA Gandolf) through a maze of chairs.


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