It's been how long since I wrote?!?

Oh man has it been a week! I'm so sorry for not posting this until now. The team is out sightseeing today in Prague. Since my last update there has been much to do. Everyday the english classes made great progress. The students really took to the Americans and by the end of the week, not much had to be translated. On the 4th of July the team delivered a gospel message and gave the students at the camp a great opportunity to really think things over. The local Czech team set up a walkway through different rooms in a very quiet setting. The goal is to present Jesus the way the Bible tells of Him. Once the students hear who He is, they get the opportunity to hear of His promise to us. Afterward the students may go talk to someone to ask questions. Based on numbers from years past we had 6 total people available to answer. After the students walked through the labyrinth we were very excited to see the dinning room filled with people and quickly turned into all hands on deck. The conversations wen't well past the midnight bedtime, and into the morning. It was a tired bunch the next morning.

The next day, gospel delivered, we returned to class with a bunch of new excitement. Water games took place that afternoon and the competition was fierce. The nurse was busy as afternoon as no one was willing to lose! The 5th here was still the 4th at home, so we threw an American style party that night. The all american music dance party was followed by an outstanding rendition of the National Anthem sung mightily outside at 1am! I'll take this opportunity to note that in Europe, things aren't as sweet as they are in America. I suppose I do love some sugar, but the sodas here have far less of it. So we brought nearly 50 pounds of Root Beer. They don't have that at all here.  Root Beer Floats were the desert menu for the party, and surprisingly most of the students thought it tasted like toothpaste. They really did like the soda though! As camp closed on Saturday, the goodbyes were teary and sad. We traveled back to the home town of the students and were very happy to find that most all of them met us for a hike around town and a BBQ at the church. The students invited us all to stay in individual homes that night and we were very happy to do it.

We attended the local church the next morning where the youth group we were supporting is based. I was given an opportunity to speak on behalf of the American team. Jonathan and Mindy were part of the worship team. Afterwards we made our trip to Prague. The team got in just after 7pm and we were wiped out physically and emotionally. The organization that coordinates our trip then gave us a "debriefing" to help us wrap our minds around what just happened. Its hard to even put it into words. I am unbelievably proud of how the team came together, trained, prepared, and then executed a great summer camp for these students. Many shared testimonies, taught bible stories, and loved the camp attendees, and it was incredible to see. Meanwhile, I can't wait to see how God has moved in their lives as they served. We are all still coming to terms with that impact and will continue to explore it over the next few days/weeks. For now, we get very few opportunities to slow down, so we will take the next few hours to be tourists before heading back home tomorrow morning! We will see you soon Heights church!


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