Dominican Republic - 11/21/18

Wed. Nov 21 - From Kelly

This morning was awesome. We all woke around 7-7:30 and were ready for breakfast early. We are around 8:30–8:45am and we’re able to have a really nice time together. I shared a devo and shared about my special time of prayer in Las Vegas and all I thought God was showing me about this trip and encouraged everyone to be focused on God and his purpose. 

We spent the first hour at school getting a plan together with the teachers and sharing questions, solutions, and getting reacquainted. Everyone seemed to like this. After lunch, we took all the older kids in small groups (about 15) and played a few games, and made thank you cards for the teachers. We ended up with 5 small groups. Kaitlyn totally stepped up and led all the games. She was awesome! Lisa was completely helpful in every way. Aly added a ton of energy and loved reconnecting with her friends and new faces. Alicia was great, getting in there with everyone and helping in any way and leading where she knew she could. Grace is being an incredible asset, interpreting and of course helping anyone and everyone with language barriers. 

At dinner time we shared highs and lows and there were nearly no lows. Everyone had a great day and we also shared an accolade about someone on the team, and one area of weakness that we need help with. My goal was to get help with keeping time. 😆 

All in all, the day was super fabulous. 

Tomorrow we will paint one house and visit 3 other houses to deliver food and pray for them in the morning. Our team will split up. We have a good plan in place. 1 teacher, 1 interpreter, 4 students, 3 team members, and I’m assuming a couple extra Vision Trust members like Nelson and Jose will be split up between the 2 groups. In the afternoon, we will play with the 2 big parachutes we brought with the littler kids  and hopefully spend more time with the older students. We skipped discussion time because the time was short, being that we had 5 groups rotating through in 2.5-3 hours time. 


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