West Asia Day 7 - 05/02/2019

Update 5/2:

Forgot to send an update yesterday.

Stephanie led us in a devotion this morning. Then, we went to visit the goat ministry that is now primarily sheep and doves (no goats). We weren’t able to dive into deep conversation because there were two family members there who seemed to have the job of keeping a watchful eye (or ear, rather) on the things that were talked about. L was blessed just to have us there- this is where the being vs. doing comes in.

We had lunch at the office and heard from a Jewish couple here from Israel. A couple Christians who had come to faith with the help of the ministry came to visit and gave their testimonies at the office. 

We had Chinese food for dinner (obviously!) and are in for the night. 

Tomorrow is our last full day here!


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